If you are looking to relocate to the great state of Nevada, there are many great cities and towns nestled in the state that could become your home. Each of these areas offers something to love, as you will soon after arrival. Do not assume that Las Vegas is the only option when it is time to make a Nevada relocation! But, which cities and towns are the best in this state?


Henderson is located right outside of Las Vegas. It is a close drive to Sin City, but far enough away that you won’t experience the crowds and hustle and bustle. It is truly the best of both worlds in Henderson! Amazing golf courses are plentiful in Henderson, where it costs an average of $207,500 to buy a house. Approximately 257,670 people reside in this town.


Paradise is situated beside Las Vegas. In fact, some of the Las Vegas Strip is situated in Paradise, including Caesar’s Palace! The casino fun and action of the strip is always close by when you move to Paradise, but there is a lot more to enjoy in the small town of 223,118 people. Parks, playgrounds, hiking trails, and sports are available, making this town perfect for families, couples, outdoorsman, and others. The average cost to buy a home in Paradise is $151,990.


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Reno is another of the state’s claims to fames, fondly known as the ‘Biggest Little City in the World’. As a Reno resident, you’re less than 80 miles from California and have endless opportunities for entertainment at your fingertips, including many great casinos Just when you thought Las Vegas was the only gambling spot! The average cost to buy Reno Nevada real estate is $208,000 a price that anyone is comfortable paying to enjoy so much amazement.